We value you

Our prices are the most reasonable on the market!

Everything depends on your preference. Standard pianos can be hired at the price starting from CZK 420 a month. Top-of-the-range instruments can be rented for CZK 800 a month, the highest hire cost.

Rent a piano for the time you need.

From six months to an indefinite period of time.

We provide the widest range and lowest prices.

Rent a piano at a price you choose.

From CZK 350 to 800 a month.

We provide the widest range and lowest prices.

Tuning and professional transportation secured.

There is no simpler solution.

We provide the widest range and lowest prices.

Some of our pianos

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We are here for you. We will help you select the right instrument.

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We are always well tuned

We rent all our instruments well tuned. For possible further needs, you can make use of our team of experienced professionals for both tuning and repairs.

Transportation prices

A piano weighs almost 250 kg, and it is an expensive musical instrument. We will be happy to help you arrange professional transportation by hauliers with whom we have had good long-term experience. Their prices are reasonable. In Prague and Brno, for example, moving an upright piano to the ground floor costs approximately CZK 2,200.

Rental terms and conditions

We value not only our customers but our pianos too. Each agreement has two parties. We supply a piano of your choice, tuned, including possible transportation. Owing to pianos being expensive instruments, we expect you to take a few steps we consider essential and understandable:

  • When signing a contract, you also need a guarantor, other than the spouse of the lessee. The guarantor stands surety up to the value of the instrument and we only contact him/her in the event that the customer is in significant default with payment of the rental, possibly when the customer changes his/her address, etc. Another variant is paying a deposit amounting to the value of the instrument, which we will keep throughout the duration of the lease relation.
  • We conclude contracts for an indefinite period of time, with the minimum term of lease being 6 months.
  • Rental costs for 6 months in advance are always paid half-yearly.